So I was standing in line at the grocery store, and I noticed a girl in front of me in line, she had a tattoo of writing on her shoulder, I looked at it and it read, “If there is no enemy within, then the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

She said it was an old African proverb.

Well it made me think, and think, and then I just let it go for a couple of weeks

What came to me, was that the only two enemies I could think of, that I have had inside me were some form of FEAR and some form of ANGER.

I thought about this for over a month or so, and during that time some very emotionally rocking events occurred in my own life experience, and yet, I still found only those two enemies.

Fear covers a lot of ground, fear of being alone, fear of heights, fear of fear, fear of success, it comes in so many guises, but the ultimate fear is fear of death. (if you think about it all fears lead here ultimately)

So how do you deal with fear, for me and maybe for you, they way I face fear is in small doses, almost making myself immune to a certain fear.

For instance early in my life I had a fear of crowds of people, so I put myself in situations where I had to be around groups of people including going to malls and just wandering around.  I then took it to the next step and took a public speaking course.

After a while, probably a few years I noticed that I had put that fear to rest.

How about a fear of heights? I don’t happen to have that fear, but if I did, I would find small ways to experience a slight shift in height and then more and more extreme versions of that shift, and then finally probably go to a tall building to look over the edge, I guess the ultimate would be to jump out of a plane, actually that may be something I should look into.

Now anger has been a journey, and for me I have found that anger is like a wave of energy that will course through me, and for me and maybe just for me, what I do is not hold it, I let it flow right out of me, if I can, I will use some physical movement to move it out of my body, but in the moment, if there is no way to release it constructively I will breathe through it, express it quickly and let it go, if I am lucky I will experience it for only a few seconds then I go back to center.  I would like to be at a point where anger doesn’t come to rest in my body or mind at all. Until then I just release it.

I read recently that there are only 2 emotions, love and fear

Love, joy, empowerment all comes in an energy of compassion and expectancy.

Fear, hate, darkness anger, regret comes in a reverse energy, its a depletion, a heavy negativity.

I recently went to a class where a friend of mine Sarah, runs a healing circle and she takes us through “journeys” in this last one we encountered this dark fear energy purposely, we went looking for it and once finding it we greeted it asking for its message.  There is this realization that darkness is part of the same eternal energy, and trying to run from it only increases its power over you.  I loved her request to look it straight in the eye, and ask what its message was and to greet it like a friend.  I think it is all about what you resist persist.  To run from your fears only empowers them.  I am not fearless, I still have fears that I need to address, but my intent is not to run from them now but to embrace them for what they are, messengers.

So by not having the enemy within, you become integrated, there is no resistance and ultimately no attachment to outcome, as there is no need to control events, (Right here is a point where I need to state that I believe that we have the ability to influence outcomes in our lives, but there is a “bigger picture” running a program that you could call your life mission, your karma, and that bigger picture will supersede any desire you may have, at least that is the way I see it in this moment)

When things happen in our life, when fears arise we have a choice in how to respond.  I went to a spiritual center today and it was brought up that what is important is not what happens, but how we respond to events, and that we can always control our response, it is always a choice no matter what happens.

So go ahead and meet and greet your fears and resolve to get the message and then release them.










The 9th

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Affirmations are like vitamins for your body mind and soul

Some people say affirmations don’t work and it is true, an occasional affirmation is not very effective

It is kind of like working out at the gym, if you go in on a Saturday and workout for 2 hours and then come back a week later and work out again for 2 hours, you won’t be getting very much in the results department.  It takes a dedicated program and follow through daily, or even hourly for you to get results.

Same with affirmations

And of course there are the blocks we have put in place with our beliefs that act as filters to our affirmations; some times you just need to be persistent, in fact all the time.  The more blocks there are, the more in the affirmation department that you need to add.

Just remember as soon as you believe results happen.

I know I am stating nothing new, but it amazes me after 20 years of “self-development” I can find myself saying really crappy stuff in my head about others or myself.

Affirmations remind us of who we really are and what we are capable of.  Each present moment offers a chance to change everything or mess it up again……….  See, there I go, don’t even think about messing it up, I should just say, each moment is magic for positive change if you but believe.

So how do you believe? Well affirmations help, if you keep telling yourself something over and over eventually it starts to sink in to the subconscious mind.

The subconscious is the gateway to what “Seth” called Framework 2 – The realm where we create this physical reality. This isn’t news but it is something we forget in daily life.  We think everything around us is real, and it is, but its an option.  There is more than one choice.  And the filters start to change as you continually add positive affirmations.  And as you accept each and every one they will become your new filter, new beliefs for a new reality.

Life isn’t an illusion it is a projection (of thoughts, charged by emotions and beliefs)

It is simple just not easy.

Here is an affirmation I believe is from Wayne Dyer “I come from greatness, I attract greatness, I am greatness”

That is where we are really from.






8th post been a few years

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So time does fly

I can’t believe its been over 3 years since I last wrote a few words.

So here goes again, my plan is to post once a month and set up some videos too

But there is the saying the “best laid plans of mice and men” I guess meaning sometimes the years just flow by

I was reading Wayne Dyer the other day, his book on the Tao.

I think it was the 25th verse where he stated, “you come from greatness, you attract greatness, you are greatness”

What a great mantra, telling you the truth of who we are, placing the cards of truth on the table of life, I mean most of us have a lot harsher words for ourselves, we can’t help it, its been drilled into our minds so that we get led around without a way to separate the crap in our heads from the truth of ourselves.  Your authentic self, the one that counts, the one that knows how great you are.

I’ve heard people say affirmations don’t work or positive thinking never got them anywhere, or was that me talking to myself……

But the truth is –do what works for you, there are so many teachers out there now, I was in a Barnes and Nobel today looking at the self help section everything from “Think and Grow Rich” to books on how to just think a good thought and there is a lot of research out there also going on about the workings of the brain.

But it all comes down to what you believe and no amount of books or other instructions will work unless you believe.  So find something you believe in.  Whatever it is, it can guide you to your authentic self and I can say in those brief moments when I’m in alignment there is something kind of magical about being in tune, with “All that is”.

So here are a few things to try: Meditate (yep it’s the one you should do, but how about one minute a day)- Which is another thought I have been working on the last few months;

I’ve been thinking you can change your life 1 minute at a time, once a day, I mean who doesn’t have one minute, at least to start.

So I guess we’ll call that number 2, spend 1 minute a day on connecting to source energy

Number 3 Think of the word Surrender, I use to think, what kind of weak word is that, where will that take me? but then I read somewhere that when you Surrender, what you can expect in return is protection.  Now protection covers a lot of ground

So for now think on that.

Finally look into tapping it seems to work, it does something to your body mind connection, and can break a cycle of unrest or stress.

I go into that more some other time.

OK Final Final, You need a physical discipline –  We have bodies and bodies are made to move, spiritual work and brain work need a physical component, so think of what you gravitate to running, swimming, yoga, weights, walking, cross fit, biking to name a few, but since we have bodies right now, they need to be a part of an overall body mind spirit strategy for greatness.



I read this quote years ago in a Woody Allen book.  I always liked the dry humor here.  Within the humor is a truth which is usually the elephant in the room of most people which is……. people in general would rather not think of death.   Have I lost you yet?  Death isn’t our enemy it is our fear of death that is.

Which leads us to some really amazing stuff.   Why do we fear Death?, well one reason is it is the unknown, we’re not going to be able to figure it out until it’s here.  So why think on it?  Here of some of the reasons why this is an important part of your journey

From the Carlos Castaneda books comes the concept of death being behind your left shoulder always waiting patiently for your time to come…….

Why think about that morbid idea?  There is power here……….. so the first reason is:  by being aware of death’s ever diligent watch you become aware of just how special each now moment is.  You stop taking for granted the gift of the now…………  believe me I have to remind myself of this as the challenges of life present themselves to me also.  But I’ve found it is true –  just the awareness of the brevity of our life makes each minute , hour and day special.

Have you heard of the concept of surrender?  That by letting go you allow the good into your life?  In a book I picked up last week I found some pretty incredible and yet simple ideas one of which was; “Be willing to face the worst consequences” and when you get right down to it…… we find our friend death again…………. when we lose our job, we start thinking of we can’t do this or pay that………. but it ends up with I won’t survive I will die.

So here we are –  so if you die then what? who knows, but we do know that that one is guaranteed to happen in 20 years or 100 years.  I think in the end, this life will all seem like a drop in the bucket of time.

The book goes on to say “As long as you are clinging to life at all costs, there is no peace or harmony.  The more you fear not surviving, the tighter you cling to ill-calculated survival strategies until you squeeze the very life out of everything you do.”

The idea is to be willing not to survive.  Understand like Jim Morrison said “No one gets out of here alive”

By accepting that death is a given part of your life experience, you’ll welcome the void.  You can live each day with the knowledge that the end of life for you is a possibility each and every day, then you can become free of the stress and anxiety of the struggle to survive.

From the same book (Do Less, Achieve More) by Chin-Ning Hu; she says “When you see death as the sublime manifestation of the Creator the identical twin to birth, then death is not so horrible. When you are truly willing to face death, its spirit will protect you from the fear of being harmed. Often it seems that on the battlefield all the bullets are aimed at the biggest cowards.”

So am I saying give up and surrender to death?  the answer is no way.  I’m suggesting to use the concept and understanding of death’s impending guest appearance in you life, to balance your fears in the here and now.

I’m talking about practical stuff here, can you see how having this mind set can free your mind? You could say it’s just a mind game, I would say our existence is a mind game.  And what you decide to believe to be the rules of existence are what the rules end up being.

Let’s pretend you agree.  how can we use this today?  Say something happens that you perceive as bad or that it is a stressful situation.  The first thing I do is think of death hanging out behind my left shoulder doing cross word puzzles biding his time. I remember that fear and stress is what I chose to avoid, so I take a breath, I think to myself , if this is the last day of my life how will that impact how I handle this situation? would it seem quite as important?  and even if it is still important I remind myself there is power in the Now Moment and you enter that now moment through a relaxed state and calm mind.  So being calm inside isn’t just for yucks.  Being in the moment ………. remembering your divine nature…….knowing you will return to the cosmic soup soon………. places you into a resourceful state you are now able to create and allow the highest and best outcome to occur.

Without tension, fear, doubts – you have personal power to draw upon.

Believe me this stuff ain’t easy, but it is pretty simple and every technique, and process that people put forward out there in the world is to get you to this state of being in the moment.

Also from the same book quoted above she qu0tes a “great sage” who states: “The purpose of living is to prepare for the moment of death.  By preparing for death, one learns how to live well”

There is no avoidance here, no hiding no pretending it is the ultimate reality check.  This thing called life is not a dress rehearsal……. you are the star and it’s going on right now……now……now…….

As I’ve stated before in the WaveWarrior training “Nothing really matters…. yet everything you do matters”  Your life matters

Until next week (yeah I’m going to kick it up a notch, and start writing at least weekly)

(by the way I appreciate your comments, tell anyone you know who you think might like this blog to read it, as for some reason I keep getting directed to do this)


Hello again,

The last few months have made me question everything I’ve ever believed in.

Positive thinking, reality creation, goals, self-development, power of the mind, God, the world is what you think it is, self-worth, and creating wealth.

When things go all wrong you have two choices you can quit, and give up.  Or you can look deep inside yourself and ask those questions than can take you from victim to being in charge of your life.

Oh, so simple you say, yes simple but not easy.  I don’t think I’ve ever been in a “midnight in the well of souls” quite like this.

So what’s been happening? The same thing that many of us are going through,  and I know it’s happening to a lot of people because I hear other people’s stories.  Without going into details I find myself with a lot of challenges that’s about as nice as I can put it.

The stress level this has caused me is surprising.

I’ve been in the wilderness of what seems to be an alternative life, I think I’m starting to move out of it and into daylight again.  But I’m only moving in that direction because of what I’ve decided I’m willing to accept.

Reading, watching positive people on You Tube, like Wayne Dyer has started to make a difference.  Reading books on wealth, health, rereading the “Seth” materials, and Deepak Chopra’s books.

I’ve gone back to the well of life and hope.

I was asked to speak at a local bookstore the other day.  They were familiar with my Wave Warrior training ideas and wanted me to share whatever I wanted.  So as a starting point we discussed “Judgment”

It was just a starting point, it could have been any number of ideas because life and it’s quest will bring you back to a couple of key points no matter where you start.

Starting with judgment we looked at what that word meant to each of us some thought of self judgment, how we judge others because they are different, or the big judgment of God, what it eventually did was bring us  around in a full circle to the idea that ultimately what we are all looking for is Peace and Joy in our lives.

And we get there by being connected to the source or the Love energy.  Love energy is not the romantic love, it’s not necessarily the love of family or friends, it is the pure energy of “all that is”.  That is where we will all end up after this physical existence but if you can capture this flow now in physicality you can find the answers and abilities you need to create a life worth living while being in the state of Love, Peace and Joy.  It’s not some unattainable goal, it is something worth moving towards.

The circle will lead you back to you, the authentic self, with self-love and the understanding that you can choose how to feel……………..

You can control your feelings and emotions with a discipline born of a not doing  – doing.  What I mean by that is that it is the discipline of controlling the thoughts you are willing to allow in your mind at any given moment, but not about doing anything per se.

Simple but not easy, in fact extremely hard………………………………….. maybe the hardest thing you will ever do, but with the greatest of rewards, Peace, Joy and a living abundance.

One author I recently had read stated, you can control the process not the outcome…………………….. and it’s true, it’s all about non attachment to outcome………… and its true because as you release how a thing has to manifest  you allow the very best to happen. Why is that?

Because now you are outside of stress and you move into the relax expectant state and that is where the possibilities have a place to manifest.

Well at this point you could say it’s a bunch of bull, and you would be right, all thoughts and you could say all reality is an illusion.  But the power in the paradox is that as you let go ……….. as you allow…………… you become more resourceful, more powerful more capable, you start to see opportunities and possibilities.

It’s not going to happen in a blink of an eye (though that is not impossible either) but most of us have stuff and layers and layers of stuff that you have to work though, but each day that you become aware of thoughts that don’t support you and you release them you are then one step closer to freedom and peace.

So what tools are available?  relaxation, self-hypnosis, meditation, or even being aware once an hour of what thoughts you are thinking.  You will be surprised if at 30 minutes past each hour you stop and ask yourself what are you thinking……………………………………

I’ve been blessed with friends who are on the same spiritual path and friends who are not.  And I have to say they have been there for me reminding me of who I am what I have to offer or sometimes just a little bit of emotional support,  We are all interconnected and just as judgment comes full circle so does caring and support of others, there is a reason for our being in contact with one another.  Each person in your life is playing a role.

Decide which role they are playing. Keep people in your life that are empowering and release those that aren’t. But any release is done with Love and for their highest purpose.

You don’t know their story or their journey.

I’m not here to fix anyone or teach anything.  I’m just allowing you to see possibilities.

One thing that I’ve become aware of is that in a real and practical sense we play energetic roles and we all have roles to play.

It may be just being here and being a fountain of energy for others to sense is enough.  That is really all that we are, a spiritual consciousness energetically existing in this point of space-time.

Or not of this space-time.

That is another topic

Be, in Peace


5th Posting “Resistance”

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Hello again,

I’ve been thinking about this for some time now, Resistance and how it can impact your life.

It’s impacted mine.  It’s taken almost 3 months to start writing this blog.

I know you don’t have time for hum drum banter, either do I.

I receive many emails from a lot of folks and it’s hard sometimes to get through them, there’s always something else  vying for my attention.

So just the meat here no fluff.

Resistance is the fear that keeps you from finding your authentic self. There I said it and you can now get back to your TV or dinner or kids or whatever.

Now the rest of it is about the details and how to get past Resistance.

First the bigger story, you are here for a reason that has meaning and purpose the more aware you are, the more you know what that means for you.

Hey look around you the world is having a few problems.  Yet we each hold a key to the puzzle of bringing things back to balance.  (Balance in life is a subject for a future post)

What stops you from living in Joy through the good times and the bad?  I’m not talking about some Prozac inspired delusion of happiness, but the knowing that you are doing what you are here to do in spite of what seems to be happening around you.

Some people I know think the world can take care of itself, well it can and in less than 50 years I’m sure some type of something will start clearing up our mess.

In the mean time the hard truth is you need a discipline approach to take baby steps each day towards developing your gift to the world.  It may be through art, or science or helping others.  I don’t know, but you do.

So step one is to move forward in spite of all the “reasons” that you can’t, commitments, family, obligations.

For me what was stopping me from writing this was the knowledge that it most likely won’t be read, but you know if only one person gains from this then it was worthwhile.  I don’t know what impact these words will have.  But I’m sure if I don’t write them they definitely won’t be read.

Also stopping me is my need for perfection, oh my life is not perfect so how can I tell others how to better themselves?

Hey my life is never going to be perfect plus I sometimes mix up financial gain and position with success.  Yes it can play a part in what you are able to do, but “he who dies with the most toys wins” isn’t my mantra anymore.

It’s all about who you are becoming.  That is where the Wave Warrior focus can help.  It’s about character traits you can develop that move you towards a greater beingness.  (is that a word?)

Beingness is recognizing our inter relationship with others and our planet.  The Planet let’s call her Doris is a living being also.  So Doris now is having a weight problem to many calories like fat cells adding to the weight of the planet and yes that would be us – humanity, we are multiplying like rabbits. I don’t have an answer to this problem but our evolution as a spiritual being is part of the solution.

Back to Resistance, you get past it by developing a code of living, what you stand for.  What you are willing to do. Who you are becoming.

I’ve said it before but You are the one and the time is now.  You – because each of us has a role to play, if you are reading this most likely you have spent time already working on your own personal development.  Now you are looking for a deeper commitment to the source.  That is the path.  You are your own guide you don’t need some guru or leader to guide you.  Sure we can support one another with ideas, and even energy but you travel a unique and important path.

So you might ask does that mean that everyone on the planet will evolve into a higher being based on Love and understanding, well I don’t think so.  Stuart Wilde (a new age author) once replied to a question asking if we all become these evolve beings who would run things.  His response was there will always be some one to drive the bus because we all have different roles to play not better or worse but different.

My point is if your role is to help in the evolution of the human kind – well it’s time.

Get past your fears, move past all the reasons that stop you from moving ahead, stop listening to others who would just as soon keep you in the comfort zone being like them.  It is the time to become your authentic self and to start moving to a higher level.

How?  Take time everyday to commune with your higher self.  Be aware of what is going on around you, how do you respond? what messages do you get from your higher self that you can start listening to.  Find the clues to your role.

Approach the mystery of your journey, call upon your guides (whatever they are – no judgment here) but there are forces that can help you, us.

Put it all together and you’ve moved ahead a step.  Keep it up.

First Step in being a Wave Warrior

Become aware.  Become aware of your thoughts, what do you think about most of the time?

Become aware of how you sit.  How you stand.  How you walk. How you talk.

What are your surroundings right now, are you sitting at your computer?

The idea is not to miss the ever present now, by not being present now.

I know sometimes it can’t be helped as your mind is full of stuff you have to do, you running here or there or involved at something at work or family commitments.

The point is to start being aware of what you’re thinking about most of the time. What this does, is it makes you aware of how you may be dwelling in mind stuff that’s not supporting you.

I watched a episode of the Daily Show the other day (it was recorded from a few weeks back) but he had an author on who had written a book about why she thought the whole positive thinking thing was a sham.  That thinking you create your reality was a huge lie.

I sat there and thought, now I’ve had some doubts in my life, but to feel it necessary to bash the whole concept of “positive thinking” and self development seemed to go over the top for me.  I found myself telling the TV that, she really didn’t understand what she was talking about.

For though there are times when “seemingly” things are not going the way you planned.  You can’t start blaming the whole concept of conscious creation for the inconsistency.  I am at the core a practical person. If I had never had positive experiences from my beliefs, affirmations, and meditations I would have thrown in the towel long ago.

What does bring me back, when I move off my center, is the fact that I have had positive results when I’ve used my focus to imagine what I do want.

I do believe, when I haven’t received the results I’ve wanted I only needed to look at myself for the reason.  The thoughts I’ve had, the words that came out of my mouth.

For example: There’s the analogy of planting a seed in a pot.  You give it water, fertilizer, some light and you wait, you see a small shoot come up.  Instead of waiting, you pull up the shoot to see how’s it doing.  You stick it back in the pot.  The next day you pull it up again to see how’s it doing.  You get it.  By now it’s not doing so good, its near death.  It’s being impatience for results that has killed this plant.  If you’re aware, you might find you have done the same thing to your dreams, you keep pulling it up and looking at it instead of just giving it the sun, water and food it needs to keep growing.

The Sun Water and Food is something you give your dreams once a day. Say in the morning before the day begins.

In silence, (for you need to still the monkeys in your head) you can count your breath,( there are all manners of books and tapes out there giving instruction on how to find the silence within)

Once your mind is quiet, imagine all your dreams, (stay in that space for a few minutes) then generate some emotion (energy in motion) with your imagination or though music or movement, then let it go symbolically, such as clapping your hands, giving thanks, or whatever represents a completion to you.  Then go on with your day.

Then be aware. Don’t worry about results, stay unattached to outcomes. Just be aware. (You can check your life plant tomorrow morning)