10th If there is no enemy within

Posted: June 23, 2014 in Uncategorized

So I was standing in line at the grocery store, and I noticed a girl in front of me in line, she had a tattoo of writing on her shoulder, I looked at it and it read, “If there is no enemy within, then the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”

She said it was an old African proverb.

Well it made me think, and think, and then I just let it go for a couple of weeks

What came to me, was that the only two enemies I could think of, that I have had inside me were some form of FEAR and some form of ANGER.

I thought about this for over a month or so, and during that time some very emotionally rocking events occurred in my own life experience, and yet, I still found only those two enemies.

Fear covers a lot of ground, fear of being alone, fear of heights, fear of fear, fear of success, it comes in so many guises, but the ultimate fear is fear of death. (if you think about it all fears lead here ultimately)

So how do you deal with fear, for me and maybe for you, they way I face fear is in small doses, almost making myself immune to a certain fear.

For instance early in my life I had a fear of crowds of people, so I put myself in situations where I had to be around groups of people including going to malls and just wandering around.  I then took it to the next step and took a public speaking course.

After a while, probably a few years I noticed that I had put that fear to rest.

How about a fear of heights? I don’t happen to have that fear, but if I did, I would find small ways to experience a slight shift in height and then more and more extreme versions of that shift, and then finally probably go to a tall building to look over the edge, I guess the ultimate would be to jump out of a plane, actually that may be something I should look into.

Now anger has been a journey, and for me I have found that anger is like a wave of energy that will course through me, and for me and maybe just for me, what I do is not hold it, I let it flow right out of me, if I can, I will use some physical movement to move it out of my body, but in the moment, if there is no way to release it constructively I will breathe through it, express it quickly and let it go, if I am lucky I will experience it for only a few seconds then I go back to center.  I would like to be at a point where anger doesn’t come to rest in my body or mind at all. Until then I just release it.

I read recently that there are only 2 emotions, love and fear

Love, joy, empowerment all comes in an energy of compassion and expectancy.

Fear, hate, darkness anger, regret comes in a reverse energy, its a depletion, a heavy negativity.

I recently went to a class where a friend of mine Sarah, runs a healing circle and she takes us through “journeys” in this last one we encountered this dark fear energy purposely, we went looking for it and once finding it we greeted it asking for its message.  There is this realization that darkness is part of the same eternal energy, and trying to run from it only increases its power over you.  I loved her request to look it straight in the eye, and ask what its message was and to greet it like a friend.  I think it is all about what you resist persist.  To run from your fears only empowers them.  I am not fearless, I still have fears that I need to address, but my intent is not to run from them now but to embrace them for what they are, messengers.

So by not having the enemy within, you become integrated, there is no resistance and ultimately no attachment to outcome, as there is no need to control events, (Right here is a point where I need to state that I believe that we have the ability to influence outcomes in our lives, but there is a “bigger picture” running a program that you could call your life mission, your karma, and that bigger picture will supersede any desire you may have, at least that is the way I see it in this moment)

When things happen in our life, when fears arise we have a choice in how to respond.  I went to a spiritual center today and it was brought up that what is important is not what happens, but how we respond to events, and that we can always control our response, it is always a choice no matter what happens.

So go ahead and meet and greet your fears and resolve to get the message and then release them.










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